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  • What is carbon offset?
    Carbon offsets are greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided in daily life and business operations. It is an action that leads to In recent years, efforts toward carbon offsetting have been expanding in the private sector. It is a form of grasping the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in daily life, and if it is difficult to reduce by self-help efforts, we will purchase credits and implement reduction and absorption activities in other places instead.
  • Which VER (Verified Emission Reduction) certification bodies are you affiliated with?
    This platform deals with Gold Standard carbon offset projects, Gold Standard guarantees the quality, accuracy and completeness of the credits and confirms that they meet the standards of the certification body. I'm here. Gold Standard Website:
  • Please tell us about the calculation of emissions.
    Based on the data entered by the customer, this platform uses the Ministry of the Environment's published "Emissions Unit Database for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Etc. of Organizations Through the Supply Chain" and major electricity and Emissions are calculated using emission factors published by gas and water utilities.
  • Are there any incentives (tax incentives, etc.) to purchase offset credits?
    Currently, there are no such incentives.
  • Please tell us about the role of this platform.
    Traditionally, carbon offsetting involves calculating greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing credits through specialized consultants and intermediaries. We thought it would be difficult for individuals and SMEs to work on carbon offsets, so we built a platform that makes greenhouse gas emissions visible and easy to trade instead of cumbersome procedures.
  • What is your money (purchasing credits) used for?
    The amount to be paid is the cost of purchasing credits at the Gold Standard of the VER certification body and the operating cost of this platform (25% of the transaction value). The cost of purchasing credits will be used to support project developers through the VER certification body.
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