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Decarbonization 4.0: Towards an Era where Environmental Value is Recognized

  • Many companies have announced decarbonization declarations, and consumers’ interest in climate change is increasing as well. Companies that emit large amounts of greenhouse gases run the risk of being no longer chosen by stakeholders in the future.

  • Until now, functional and emotional values have been the focus, but the third added value, "environmental value," is becoming the new differentiation strategy.


Challenges in Decarbonization

The calculation of emissions and implementation of carbon offsetting are complex.

GHG Protocol, Pathfinder framework, etc.

Account Opening→ Evaluation of Carbon Offset Projects → Retirement Process


We support corporate business growth through digital solutions and platform for decarbonization!

We develop customized calculation logic based on the company's calculation targets and business processes, simplifying visualization and carbon offset procedures.

In order to ensure continuous efforts, we will create a system that is directly linked to business growth, and will support business growth and GX promotion in decarbonization.

We provide business development consulting and digital solutions, contributing to the decarbonization and increased added value of our Scope 3 products and services.

As an "industry's first" approach, data collection and calculations can be easily performed using Excel spreadsheets and web-based dashboards that are easy to familiarize with on-site staff, allowing low cost and minimal effort.

Our Platforms


About Us

We offer digital solutions and platform for decarbonization. So far, companies have faced challenges in promoting GX such as "high consulting fees," "need for specialized knowledge," "lack of transparency in processes," "complicated procedures," and "trade-offs between environmental value creation and business growth.“

Aiming to solve these issues, we develop digital solutions such as cloud-based emissions visualization tools, OEM development, NFT, carbon credit marketplaces, and platform businesses. In the trend towards decarbonization, we assist our clients in creating new businesses, increasing sales, rebranding, promoting GX, enhancing decarbonization efficiency, and improving business value.

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Our company aim to promote a decarbonized society and raise awareness of climate change issues by making emissions visible. In addition, by promoting carbon offsetting, we will focus on the fact that greenhouse gas emissions are a cost, and contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by reducing efforts and promoting environmental business. Furthermore, in order to solve these social issues that are difficult to commercialize, we aim to become a rule-maker by creating a system in which the solutions will be valued in the market.



Weihao Hung, originally from Taiwan, came to Japan in 2010 after studying at Taiwan Central University and serving in the Taiwanese Marine Corps.

After graduating from Graduate School of Mechanical Systems Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology, he worked in R&D department at Panasonic Corporation in 2012. In 2014, he was involved in JCM business at Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. He obtained another master’s degree in Innovation Management from the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s in 2017. In 2020, he worked at a foreign consulting firm. Leveraging his practical experience in carbon offsetting and emissions measurement, he founded Tech Thinker Inc. in 2022.


  • August 2022, Selected for “Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub”

  • September 2022, Selected for “Gotanda Valley Acceleration Program”

  • October 2022, Selected for “Future Co-creation Initiative” operated by Mitsubishi Research Institute

  • January 2023, Selected for “Kumamoto UX Acceleration Program 2022”

  • February 2023, Won the “Finalist Award” and “Job Creation Award” at the 13th Business Creation Contest

  • March 2023, Selected as the “2nd Reiwa 4th Year Tokyo Entrepreneurship Subsidy Recipient”

  • June 2023, Selected for “NGAS-Accelerator Program 2023” sponsored by NIHONKAI LNG CO., LTD.

  • July 2023, Selected for “Demonstration Experiment Program Using Advanced Technology” operated by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • September 2023, Selected for the program “SDGs CHALLENGE 2023” sponsored by Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City

  • September 2023, Selected for the social implementation project operated by Chiba Prefecture

  • October 2023, Selected for “AICHI CO-CREATION STARTUP PROGRAM2023” sponsored by Aichi Prefecture

  • November 2023, Selected for the sales promotion support business of the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation

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